Why users aren’t downloading your app – and what you can do about it

Why users aren’t downloading your app – and what you can do about it

Low download numbers are a quandary for any app – it means that users either aren’t seeing the app, or they’re seeing it and now not liking it. Happily, it’s now not an insurmountable predicament – there are a lot of factors that might result in low download numbers, and each of them will also be addressed.

These are some of the greatest issues that may hinder customers from downloading an app, as well as solutions to every one of these disorders. While you determine your difficulty, you can see a strategy to deal with it.

Poor ASO
users can’t download an app they can’t in finding – that so much is apparent, however, the query then becomes: how do customers find the app within the first place? App retailer optimization is the important thing there – through optimizing your app’s metadata, descriptions, and creatives, along with principal advertising and marketing approaches, that you could support your app’s rankings for relevant key phrases within the app shops. It’s most important for discoverability.

A poorly optimized app can have quandary ranking in any searches, making it complex for customers to observe without looking above all for it. If customers aren’t downloading your app, it is usually that they’re just no longer finding it within the first place.

Unreadable descriptions
as soon as your users in finding the app, is the outline making it clear why they must download it? An excellent description should explain the app’s points and advantages in an interesting manner, for that reason encouraging users to install it. Some apps barely even give an explanation for what they do, making customers uncertain whether or no longer they’ll be valuable or crucial, whilst others say an excessive amount of immediately and emerge as an unreadable mess.

An excellent description should be concise and quite simply readable, accompanied by way of bullet elements for its elements that record what it does. Ending with a call-to-action will even motivate customers to install the app and provides them the last push they want. Nevertheless, the formatting varies founded on whether the description is on the Apple App retailer or the Google Play retailer.

On Apple, each line of an outline should be quick, just 1-2 sentences, so it can be readily read on mobile devices. Google Play apps have a bit extra leeway of their description size but will have to off each and every line with a primary keyword with the intention to appear as primary to that keyword for Google’s algorithm.

Descriptions that are long paragraphs of textual content, or those who go on at length about why folks must get the app without certainly discussing its features, will flip users away. Learn through your description and assume you already know nothing about what the app is or does, then see when you’d wish to download it from the understanding it offers you.

Ineffective creatives
How are your screenshots and preview movies? Each and every ingenious must display an extra characteristic or part of the app that appeals to customers, accompanied by using callout textual content that accommodates key terms and quickly describes the characteristic’s price.

Both app outlets allow for multiple screenshots and each and every one is a possibility to tell the user anything main concerning the app with visual examples. Failing to comprise suitable screenshots, or utilizing ones that don’t appropriately promote the app will fail to effectively motivate users to download the app.

When viable, a video is usually a powerful instrument for increasing installs. Like the screenshots, videos reveal the app’s facets and functions, however, they can show them in action. The video necessities for Google Play and the Apple App store are additionally unique, though; at the same time, Google Play’s movies can be like a business, showing persons making use of and having fun with the app, videos on the Apple app retailer can best exhibit in-app content material.

In case you’re still seeing low download numbers, be sure to test your creatives and investigate what appeals to customers most. A bad video can hurt downloads as much as a good possible help them, and you’ll wish to make sure the screenshots you use will appeal to customers.

Bad experiences
users tend to trust fellow customers, which is why repute administration is so fundamental. Positive studies can encourage competencies customers looking the app retailer to give your app a threat. However, negative experiences will flip them away.

But there are methods to make a poor review into a constructive opportunity. Respond to your feedback, work together with your users and make it clear that you’re listening and bettering situated on their comments. If customers feel listened to, they’ll believe your company and your app, and if they see you’re interacting with users and responding to their considerations, it is going to build a degree of trust.

To conclude
in case your app isn’t seeing downloads, there would be a couple of explanations. The outline or creatives could be turning them away, the negative reviews could be a warning signal, or perhaps they’re just now not finding it within the first situation.

No matter what the cause, there is an answer. With right app retailer optimization, your app can overcome its setbacks and start driving new downloads and installs. Without it, users will keep clicking someplace else.