Benji Bananas

Benji Bananas

The first-class action adventure game on your Android! And it can be free!

Unique and fun physics centered journey recreation!

Fly from vine to vine, however, be careful with risks lurking within the jungle. Earn bananas to get enhancements, specials and vigor ups.

- beautiful cool animated film & hand drawn like pics
- enjoyable physics founded gameplay (swing a monkey alongside ropes to get forward)
- Make your run via more than a few landscapes (temple ruins, waterfalls, and jungles)
- acquire fruits like bananas and chilis to achieve extra enhancements
- unencumber distinctive powers equivalent to a jetpack, chili pace improve and eagle ride
- the material your monkey another way (ninja costume, fuel mask)
- unique types of ropes (vines, snakes, burning ropes etc.)

download now and experience the enjoyment of flying alongside the vines by way of more than a few environments!

When you've got any problems with the sport, please contact our support at help@fingersoft.Internet

verify out the Benji Bananas internet site at http://www.Benjibananas.Com/

Benji Bananas is developed by way of TribeFlame Ltd. And released by means of Fingersoft Ltd.


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