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Optimized monetization strategy

Every app is made different. There isn’t one solution that’ll work for any and all apps. This is why GreedyGame creates tailored solutions to ensure optimal results based on your app. Work with dedicated account managers who’ll manage the entire execution process so that you can sit back relax as your app earns better.

Step 1 – Share your AdMob publisher ID

All you need to do is share your AdMob ID with us. No SDK Integration Required.

Step 2 – Connect your AdMob

We send you the onboarding proposal on your AdMob dashboard. Review and approve the onboarding proposal on your AdMob account.

Step 3 – Start making more Money

Our team reviews your accounts for inefficiencies and opportunities, generating ready-to-push improvements.

Why should you work with Addigi?

Addigi has been helping 500’s of app publishers with personalized monetization strategies for 6+ years. Also, being Google and Facebook partners, we know the industry best practices that work

Smart Placements

Our experts audit your app and analyse your data. Based on your category, audience and demographics they will help you come up with smart placements that’ll work best for your app.

Policy Compliance

Get your app audited to identify policy issues/violations. Talk to our experts to get instant resolutions. This ensures that your app is protected from any and all policy-related issues that might hinder your app business.

Right formats for your placements

Having found the right placement doesn’t mean maximum revenue. Identifying the right formats for each of your placements is what ensures maximum yield for your ad units.

Data-backed decisions

Get your key app metrics like engagement rates, ARPDAU and eCPM analyzed that’ll elevate your app to the next level. Optimize based on your app’s past performance data.


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With 6+ years of expertise in the mobile ecosystem, Addigi has data-backed techniques to help you scale up your app. We have helped more than 500+ app publishers and advertisers using our AI-powered technology to scale user engagement, acquisition, monetization, and more.