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The Revenue Optimization Platform

Addigi’s SDK X is helping app developers across the globe to better optimize their revenue. It helps you maximize revenue on remnant unfilled inventories using the latest techniques and strategies.

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Why should you work with Addigi?

Addigi has been helping 500’s of app publishers with personalized monetization strategies for 6+ years. Also, being Google and Facebook partners, we know the industry best practices that work

Dynamic Templates

Our Dynamic Design Templates scale maintaining the ratio of the ad unit & different android devices. This ensures that the ad renders beautifully on every size.

Maximize Potential

Maximize your app monetization capabilities using a single platform. Switch between formats and update ad units without having to update the app.

Smart Bidding Technology

The platform’s intelligent bid comparison engine configures the best combination of partner and format to serve the highest revenue ad based on real-time bids. Choose from a list of 10+ native demand partners.

Native Ad Templates

The Ad Templates automatically adapt to the App & Ad Content. The template core elements like the CTA button fetches the same colour as the content of the ad giving it a native look & feel, thus increasing the engagement on it.


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With 6+ years of expertise in the mobile ecosystem, Addigi has data-backed techniques to help you scale up your app. We have helped more than 500+ app publishers and advertisers using our AI-powered technology to scale user engagement, acquisition, monetization, and more.