Find The Right Placements For Your App

Identifying the right ad placement can be a great way to get the most out of your ad units.

Custom Placements For Your Apps

Talk to our experts and learn more about various placement sizes and formats which can be used within an app. Choose the right formats based on your category, audience and demography to maximise results.

Step 1 – Schedule a call with our app experts

Schedule a 30 min call with our app experts. Learn more about various formats and their benefits.

Step 2 – Discuss various placements and formats

Identify the right formats for your placements that’ll work best for your app.

Step 3 – Start implementing

Start implementing and see the increase in revenue.

Why should you work with Addigi?

Addigi has been helping 500’s of app publishers with personalized monetization strategies for 6+ years. Also, being Google and Facebook partners, we know the industry best practices that work


Banner ad formats are most commonly used across various platforms. These are images that appear on top of or in feeds, articles or around content.

Rewarded Interstitial

These ads are interstitial ads but are mostly found in gaming apps. They are intended to give the user something in return for watching the ad mostly in-game rewards.


Interstitial ads appear in-between transitions. These ads appear when a user moves from one section to another within an app. Interstitial ad formats usually provide a higher value in terms of app monetization..


Native ads fit in with the UI and match the look and feel of your app. They provide a better user experience for your visitors. Native ads take different shapes and forms and do not have a fixed size, these have a higher CTR in general compared to the other formats. Users will still know that these are ads, but they look great next to your content.


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