Your Trusted Partner for Google AdX

Leverage our partnership with Google to connect with premium advertisers in GAM 360. Make data-driven decisions and get access to 24x7 ad-ops support.

What do we offer?

Premium demand for your app

Get access to a wide range of premium demand partners available with Addigi and maximize your ad revenue.

Get your app policy compliant

A team of dedicated app experts will help you identify and resolve policy violations in the app.

Access granular insights with improved analytics

Manage your entire app business with the Addigi AdX dashboard - starting from choosing demand partners to ad formats.

Get high fill rates & eCPMs

Earn more from every impression, get end-to-end operational support from our AdX experts.


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Get your app monetization ready

With a dedicated QA team, get your app fully audited to adhere to all Google Play Console & monetization policies. We will suggest new & effective placement opportunities for your app. Get UI/UX suggestions for a better user journey - also increase the LTV & ARPDAU.

Tested & proven optimization techniques

Having worked with 1000’s apps, we have proven techniques that’ll boost your revenue within weeks. We’ll help you find the perfect balance between fill rates and eCPMs. Find the best placements for your Ads to maximize yield.

Premium Ad Networks we work with

Get access to Google ad network, premium advertisers, and other third-party programmatic demands. Manage & optimize various demand partners through open bidding and mediation with one-click integration.