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Make data-backed decisions from past performance data that’ll ensure that you move in the right direction..

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6+ years of industry experience and 500’s of apps later - we now have the secret sauce to creating tailored monetization solutions that work from day one. We’ll help you improve your app revenue performance by analysing past data and combine it with data from 500’s of similar apps in your category. This will help us analyse performance gaps that can be improved going forward.

Step 1 – Schedule a call with our monetization experts

Schedule a 30 min call with our app monetization experts. We’ll gather all the required data for the respective app.

Step 2 – Get a detailed report

We’ll audit your app data and compare it to industry leading apps. We’ll identify gaps and issues along with new revenue opportunities.

Step 3 – Start earning better

Based on the report start making changes and start earning better

Why should you work with Addigi?

Addigi has been helping 500’s of app publishers with personalized monetization strategies for 6+ years. Also, being Google and Facebook partners, we know the industry best practices that work

Real-time dashboard

Integrate Addigi’s SDK X and start measuring your ROI all from one place. From your Google ads spends to revenue from ad units, keep an eye on every aspect of your app.

Dedicated account managers

Discuss revenue and app goals with your dedicated account managers on weekly feedback sessions. Learn what’s working and changes are vital in keeping your app business profitable.

Identify the right KPI’s

Knowing what KPI’s to track matter. This will help make data-backed decisions that’ll guarantee desired results. Also, ensures that your app is moving in the right direction.

More Control over your data

Analyse past data using the Information logs to plan future Ads. Take control of your Ads, target based on country, state, manufacturers and more.


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Run a free audit and get a detailed eCPM report for your app

With 6+ years of expertise in the mobile ecosystem, Addigi has data-backed techniques to help you scale up your app. We have helped more than 500+ app publishers and advertisers using our AI-powered technology to scale user engagement, acquisition, monetization, and more.