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All-in-one solution for all your app monetization and user acquisition needs so that you can concentrate on making awesome apps.

Addigi helps publishers to monetize their video and mobile inventory through its full – stack & outstream video ssp technology and access to its unique premium marketplace.

Addigi works directly with some of the largest Advertisers and publishers. Our outstream products and instream portfolio consist of more than 20 different prototypes.

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Addigi is unique in the world

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For Publishers

Scale your App Monetization and user acquisition needs at every stage of your App Business.


Discover the right user at any stage of your app business and expand your User Acquisition.

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Scale your app revenue with our powerful AI enabled optimization techniques

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App Consultation

Work with App experts to get personalised strategies & solutions to better improve your app business.

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For Advertisers

Tailor made solutions for all your campaign goals. 500+ app inventory, premium affiliate networks and transparent media buying platform.


Run your campaigns on your target demography with non-intrusive native Ad formats across various apps and games that guarantee high visibility.

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1500+ app inventory, premium affiliate networks and media buying platforms - to ensure relevant and high performing campaigns

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Pick and choose your audience with our transparent Real-Time-Bidding offerings. Work with high performing brand safe campaigns.

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Ad Formats


Banner advertising is a highly customizable online advertising option. With interstitial, mobile, video, and rich media banners marketers boost campaign effectiveness on 70%..

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User-friendly native images* or a short text title/description* ad formats naturally blend with your webpage and in-feed content without disrupting the user experience..

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Discover powerful possibilities presented by user-initiated in-banner*, in-stream*, pre-roll* video formats that deliver the brand story effectively and simply in just 15-30 seconds.

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Desktop ads on a wide variety of high-ranking websites depending on the target audience through Standard / Rich Media for high visibility. we provide the most suitable traffic which runs purely on CPM.

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Complement your Android or iOS mobile app with visually compelling full-screen ad creatives to improve call-to-action, boost conversions, drive more clicks and app-installs.

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Mobile web

Reach your consumers while they browse the web on the smartphone, tablet or smart device with highly responsive mobile search ads.

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Rope In Quality Leads!

Let Addigi round up the highest quality leads for your offers. Our many years of marketing experience combined with top notch optimization technology helps us to deliver the best performance possible. Here are our features

  • Premium Direct Traffic
  • Premium international Exclusive & Unique traffic
  • Real time Reports
  • Global and Audience Targeting
  • Fraud Dections Tools
  • Lots of Vertical Options
  • Simple Reporting
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Run a free audit and get a detailed eCPM report for your app

With 6+ years of expertise in the mobile ecosystem, Addigi has data-backed techniques to help you scale up your app. We have helped more than 500+ app publishers and advertisers using our AI-powered technology to scale user engagement, acquisition, monetization, and more.



For every opportunity created, Addigi will generate more revenue. Our experience in tech and advertising makes that difference.Here are our features

  • Premium Direct Advertisers
  • Premium international Exclusive & Unique Offers
  • Real time Optimization
  • Global Rotator  & Individual Campaign Links
  • Fast, Simple Integration & Tracking
  • Monetize unsold remnant or back fill traffic
  • Lots of Vertical Options
  • Simple Reporting
  • Fast implementation
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